Site Questions

Can I promote my music?

Yes you can.

Can i promote my video (comedy,music,or series)?

Yes you can. Just send a mail.

Can I send article for uploads?

Yes you can

Can i be a writer on dakingsweb?

Yes you can, Just send us a mail.

How do i reach you @dakingsweb?

Send a mail to us:
Mail: Dakingsweb
Whatsapp: 08100724193

Can i request for an article to be taken down?

Yes you can. Send a mail and it will be down immediately

How do I add videos?

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Can i be a part-time blogger for dakingsweb?

Yes you can, Just send a mail.

How do I change the the background color?

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Content Questions

Can I change the main link colors?

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Is it easy to do this, this and this?

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What's the age bracket of this website?

15+ and above

How do I receive a refund?

Do you order something and it was not delievered, send a mail and you will get a refund immediately!

Is support included?

Yes 100%

How can i feature on the slider?

There’s a payment package for the promo or product to be on the slider. Just send us a mail and be attended to immediately

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